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Sofia - center map:


Vital Information

- Recommended Hotels: Serdika (closer to the start, $35-1p., $50-2p.) and Slavyanska beseda (closer to the finish, $30-65). Reserve rooms here for the start and finish.
Making reservations is free. You do not even need a credit card.
For Slavyanska beseda send message to, or dial +359 2 9801303. For Serdika dial +359 2 91936.
Or just e-mail Lazar, he will proceed with your reservation.
- Registration & Bike Inspection: June 16, from 11:00 till 12:00 in the garden near Alexander Nevski's cathedral (behind the Parliament).
- Start/Finish: Start from Narodno Subranie square, June 17, 5:00AM. Finish at the place of registration & bike inspection.

From the airport to the center


At the airport:

Change small amounts of your money here, fees are significantly higher than in the banks in the center of the city. Major credit cards apply at ATMs, daily limit is 200 leva (103 EUR, or 111 USD) on the most places.

You have the following options to get to the center of Sofia:

A. Taking bus #84. After getting out of the airport building, you will see the bus station. There are no other city buses running here, but #84. You should buy tickets in advance right on the station. Buy additional tickets for your bike and for every huge piece of luggage. Ticket price is 0.40 leva, (0.21 EUR, or 0.22 USD). Get off at the terminal, when the bus turns around a huge park and stops in front of the University. The Narodno Subranie Sq. is very close from here, you can even see part of the Parliament building if you look back to the street with the famous yellow pavement.

B. Taking taxi. Like cabs in New York, taxis are painted in yellow. Fees must be displayed at the front and the rear window. The range 0.35 - 0.45 leva/km is a fair one. Not every taxi will handle your bike. If so, the fee may surprise you. Do not accept casual "taxi" offers (it will cost you 20-30 leva instead of 5-8) right from the airport building, but go to the taxi station instead. It is near the bus station, so you can take the right decision at the last minute.

C. On bike. Here are the directions:
1. Getting out of the airport on the main route
2. After 100 m turn left leaving the main route (follow "Druzba" sign: showing on left)
3. After 100 m turn right (follow "Druzba" sign: showing on right)
4. Ride about 1 km straight under the first bridge, then on the second bridge over the railroad lines
5. Turn right on the first intersection (there is a "Centrum" sign showing right)
6. You have many options from here getting to the center. Follow *Centrum* signs if any, and keep close to the blue line shown on the map above

In any case it is advisable to notify the organizers about the date and the hour of your arrival. It is possible that at the time of the event we will succeed to organize airport transfer for your luggage, or even for you and your bike.

Contact: Lazar Vladislavov, 2-B-15 Irechek, Sliven 8800, Bulgaria
Tele.: / Fax: ++359 44 37395, cell. ++359 88 708639
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